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We partner with organizations that benefit from our commitment to recruiting and cultivating a team of top technologists from Latin America with deep technical expertise, ability to bring value to in house teams from day one and that understand business priorities and drivers.

About Us

Werx Studio is a Dallas, TX based technology consulting and recruiting firm that helps you find top technical talent in Mexico and Latin America.

Bring it On

We love solving complex technology challenges. Our team of engineers, developers, designers, consultants and project managers thrive on working together to craft innovative solutions to power your business.

End-to-end product development.


Analyze bussiness goals, users, functionality requirements, and constraints including timeframe, budget, technical.


User experience is key in any successful application. We design simple, beautiful and intuitive UI's that users will love.


You don't need to worry about all the acronyms, that's our job. From HTML5/CSS3 to Xcode, node.js, MySQL, LAMP, AWS or .net, we build your custom software solution.


We have some people that like to break stuff. Their goal is to keep testing your app until they can't break it anymore.


You've given us the thumbs up to launch! Time to get your brand new applications into the hands of users.


After all this hard work, we can't just sit down and relax. We always have ideas on how to make your app even better. Back to work!


You bring us your business challenges, we'll build something to solve them

Technology Strategy

It all starts with creating strategic technology plan that sets your organization up for success by looking at your current challanges, constraints, infrastructure and people as well as future goals.

SEO Optimization

Dedicated SEO teams that will do the hard work required to optimize your properties. From content, linking, code optimization to tracking and analyzing.

Team Agumentation

With 80+ professionals Werx Studio has the bandwidth and capabilities to staff large and complex projects on short notice. Our consultants are highly skilled engineers that understand business priorities and drivers.

Cloud Solutions

Nobody understands the cloud! Lucky for you we do. Moving your enterprise applications/data off of your servers and onto the cloud requires a plan that is well executed to avoid data loss and major downtime.


Designing the user experience of your applications should not be a second thought. A well designed interface, with simplicity, ease of use and clarity in mind, will have an enormous impact in the success of your project.

Mobile Applications

From consumers to executives, people spend more time on their mobile phones than in front of a desktop. A mobile workforce requires tools and software that is accessible in any device and at all times.

Web Applications

Have a legacy system in place? Old ERP that can't keep up? The software that runs your business should help you grow, not hold you back. Let us engineer a solutions that will scale right along with your business.


Everyday more and more shopping is done online than at retail locations. A well designed e-commerce solution can put your products at the fingertips of eager consumers.


Some of the most recent projects we've worked on

We Are Ready, Let's Do This

Ideas and plans are great, but executing them is what counts. This is where we come in to help you get that project succesfully launched.


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Arpin Group
Wild Oats
Dallas Independent School District
Sportal World
Department of Justice
Tech Wildcatters

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