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Developing an MVP

We love startups and helping them launch their MVP or Minimum Viable Product is one of the things we thourghly enjoy working on.

First of all, what is an MVP? An MVP is the development of a product that only contains the core features or the basic functionality that will allow you to test the viability of your idea. Many times this can be achieved with a simple prototype that mimics a fully functioning product/ website/ application to a version 1.0 of a fully working app.

When Google, Instagram, Twitter, etc. got started, thay all launched with very minimal features. Google would allow you to do a search and it would return a list of websites. It didn't have all the bells and whistles it now has for complex searching, or searching for images, videos or news. Twitter was very basic and SMS based and Instagram would allow you to upload your photos with some basic filters and have followers, that's it.

It is very easy to get caught up with all the ideas that keep coming and the "cool" features you can add to your initial MVP to make it better. You need to stop and think, what is the core of this product or service? Always looking to simplify instead of complicating yourself with more features. 

The scope of your MVP will also be affected by things like budget and timeframe. If you want to launch an MVP in 2 weeks, well, that limits your options as to how much can be done in that timeframe. Or similarly, if you have a very limited budget, you need to decide what your prioirites are in terms of functional requirements.

As I said before, we love startups and if you have an idea for a product that involves a mobile app, a web applicaiton or both, we'd be more than happy to grab a cup of coffee with you and help you define, design and build that MVP together.