Front-End Magic

CPC Software

Project Description

CPC Software recently launched version 1 of their SaaS application Control Point Command. CPC allows organizations to easily track and be proactive in managing their operational processes with accoutability and transparency. 

CPC Software had an internal team working primarily in the back-end solution and did not have the internal resources for a full front-end implementation. The MVP backend being built out needed some re-architecting in order to fully take advantage of new front-end technologies.

Werx suggested a move to an API based back-end and collaborated on the transition to build out the specifications for the new web services. The front-end implementation was don in React.js, beginning by building out all the reusable components and getting all screens and interactions coded. Once APIs were in place, the front-end was integrated to the back-end solution.

Werx was able to help take this application from initial design to full implementation and launch very quickly. What was initially intended to be a basic prototype was completely reworked and the version launched was produciton ready. CPC Software is now onboarding clients quickly.

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