, Parse Migration Services

If you’re here it means you were surprised by the announcement that Parse services will be retired January 2017 and you must be looking for a solution.

Searching for a Parse Alternative?

Sit back and let us handle your transition from Parse

We help companies transition to a self hosted Parse Server Environment by:

  • Analyzing your app current and future needs minimizing the risks and challenges including:
    • Load Balancing
    • DB Clustering
    • Failover Configuration
    • Backup and restore procedures
    • Disaster Recovery Planning
    • Upgrades and Versioning Control
    • Defining a custom migration path
    • Creating a custom server solution on the cloud
    • Migrating the exisiting data

Why Us?

We have built and deployed custom applications for more than a decade. We help our customers develop applications that handle large amounts of data using cloud technologies and platforms.

Let us customize the best Parse Migration solution for you.

Parse Migration Services

You don't have to go at it alone! Let us help.

Each project is unique, and the solution for migrating away from Parse will be based on your specific needs, architecture, timline and budget. 

Contact us to setup an initial free consultation and we will:

  • Review your current architecture/setup
  • Provide you with a clear solution at a fixed price
  • Implement a hassle free migration!

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