Business accelerator launches leveling and gamification platform

Tech Wildcatters

Project Description

Launched in 2009, Tech Wildcatters established itself as one of the first 15 accelerators in the world and fast became a leading, nationally-ranked accelerator by Forbes in 2012 and Inc. Magazine in 2015.

"Tech Wildcatters has devised a five-stage process, with each stage focused on a different element of the company life cycle. The key is to make sure you nail the scales before you attempt the concerto. It’s gamified." Gabriela Draney-Zielke.

The challenge was to launch the leveling and gamification platform for Tech Wildcatters on time helping the a development team currently in charge. Tech Wildcatters had an in-house application that was written in .Net by an outsourcing development team. However, it was not a very efficient design and needed to be optimized from design, architectural and user interface point of view. The vision was migration of current .Net stored procedures based application to take full advantage of the scalable and high performance .NET  Entity Framework, resulting in an application with rich client navigational interface and enhanced features.

We used our .NET expertise and product development methodology to asses the current solution. Our product engineering and development methodology spans from conceptualization, architecture, design, development, testing, deployment and enhancements to porting and ongoing support.

Our recomendation to restructure and migrate the solution to the ________ framework provided great help in the performance of the applicaiton. A redesign of some of the UI/UX component provided rich client GUI, easily operational, maintainable and a good scalable application. It improved the overall operational excellence as compared to the original design.

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